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Thinking of having a breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic and elective surgery to reduce the size of your breasts. It is a complex operation that could take up to four hours and requires general anesthesia. It is best to understand the process and ask your doctor the right questions so you can make informed decisions.

If you are considering breast reduction, the Khalidi Women’s Health and Breast Center advises you to go to a trusted hospital with experienced surgeons and doctors. Any surgery carries risks, so having a multidisciplinary team available immediately to handle any complications or special situations that arise will reduce any further risk to you.

Surgery and recovery

Breast reduction surgery involves reshaping your breast, removing breast tissue and fatty tissue, and changing the nipple site so it sits in a more youthful position.

Various incisions are required to reduce your breast size, which means you will have several scars. You may feel tired and have some pain and may need to stay at the Al-Khalidi Hospital and Medical Center at least one night.

Good skin and good blood flow is essential for wound healing. This is why it is important for patients who smoke to refrain from smoking at least six weeks before the surgery.

After the operation you will have dressings and tubes to drain the fluid that will form as a reaction to your surgery. They will be removed after a day or two. You may experience some pain from the scars and pulling of the skin for about three weeks, although the pain is mild and bearable. You will have to wear a special medical bra and not engage in sports or exercise for six weeks after the operation.

Is breast reduction surgery right for you?

Are you thinking of reducing your breast size? You are not alone. Women of all ages choose to reduce their breast size because they feel their breasts are too big.

It is important to discuss any other questions you have with your doctor.

Pros and cons

Breast reduction surgery
Pros Cons
Gets rid of neck and shoulder pains from enlarged breasts. Lots of scarring.
Breasts will look youthful. Might not be able to breastfeed afterwards.
Not as painful as breast augmentation. Possibly lost or lessened nipple sensation.

Patients outside Jordan

For patients outside of Jordan, The Khalidi Women’s Health and Breast Center advises you to arrive a day before to undergo a full examination and consultation. Thorough planning and discussions with you is key to the success of the breast reduction operation. You are advised to remain in the country at least one week after the operation so your doctor can monitor your recovery.

Please visit our website ( for more information and to make arrangements with your doctor.

Risks with breast reduction surgery

  1. Scars: The biggest issue with breast reduction is scarring. If you need a significant reduction in size, there are only two different scar patterns that can be done.

    1. Anchor shaped scar: A scar around the nipple, running down vertically and horizontally along the fold.
    2. Lollipop scar: Around the nipple and vertically down.
  2. Nipple necrosis: This condition is rare. The risk increases the bigger your breasts are. Your nipple might not respond to the new blood flow system in its new location and consequently dies. If your nipple dies, it will dry up and drop and you will lose part of your areola or the color of your areola. This is an important factor to consider.
  3. Other factors: There are several factors affecting the result of a breast reduction surgery, as it depends on the skin type, size of breast, type of breast, as well as the original place of your nipple.
  4. Inability to breastfeed: After a breast reduction surgery, many women cannot breastfeed because of the way in which the architecture and location of the milk ducts is changed.
  5. Altered sensation of the nipple: The sensitivity of the nipple may change or disappear altogether.
  6. Blood clot, infection or other: As with any operation, you might be at risk of a blood clot or infection.

Women who understand the possible adverse issues and still go through breast reduction, have no regrets. Women in fact are usually satisfied with results despite the scarring because the weight of their breasts is reduced and the overall shape is more youthful.

This information was provided by Consultant Oncoplastic Breast & General Surgeon, at Al-Khalidi Women’s Health and Breast Center, Dr Layal El-Asir.

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