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Nutritional & Dietary Consultation

Al Khalidi Nutritional and Dietary Consultation Center is a complete department that offers the latest scientific methods on dietary and nutritional advice for in- and outpatients about their nutritional needs. Advice on maintaining healthy life style and weight loss is given under the supervision of a professional dietary consultant/clinical dietitian. Other services include nutrition advice for people suffering from health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney diseases, cancer and others.

We always make sure that our visitors have absolute comfort and ease. All diet plans are specifically tailored to meet the person’s special needs and desires. We treat all information with complete confidentiality using the latest technology available to measure the proportion of fat, BMI, fluids and muscle mass in the body.

Nutritional & Dietary Consultation

Center’s working hours

Saturday- Thursday  09:00  – 17:00

Mobile number

+962 6 464 4281 Ext: 7231/7229

Mobile number

+962 79 704 1485+962 79 572 8210




Mrs. Laura Farah Wahhab

Head of the Nutrition Consultancy Center

  • Head of the Nutrition Consultancy Center
  •  Issued booklets about nutrition related subjects.
  • Published many scientific articles in many local and Middle Eastern journals.
  • Took part in many talk shows and interviews on many TV channels and radio stations both in Jordan and other Arab countries.
  • Held lectures and symposia in hospitals, universities and schools.

Everyday except for Friday & Sunday     09:00  – 17:00