Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility 2020-09-10T09:04:54+00:00

As an extension to our policy and in line with our CSR, we at KHMC, are determined to support and stand behind all our CSR commitments, in letter and spirit, including health education and awareness, and disease prevention and detection.


As part of our policy, we pay maximum attention to society and we strive to give the maximum support. Our activities include:

    1. Issuing a free monthly newsletter for health education and preventing diseases.
    2. Taking part in projects preventing diseases and early detection of them such as:
      • Blood Pressure Free Day
      • Diabetes Free Day
      • Breast Cancer Campaign
    3. Providing medical assistance to the Association of Operation Smile.
    4. Holding medical seminars related to various health care issues.
    5. Conducting outreach programs for community health education such as:
      • Health care for school children.
      • Health care for family medicine.


Our primary responsibility as a private hospital that is dedicated to its well-embraced CSR policy, and to best-business practices, is to use our scarce resources prudently and efficiently.

  1. Electricity saving:
    1. Utilizing LED technology
    2. Utilizing equipment that saves electrical energy for the air conditioning system.
    3. Utilizing BMS to stop some light and equipment at low peak periods throughout the day.
  2. Water saving:
    1. The RO Unit from the Kidney Dialysis collects water to be used for laundry
    2. The reject water from the sterilizers is used to feed boilers with water
    3. Continuous water audit for all water outlets to make it with the international standards.
    4. A study is being conducted to start using solar energy to heat water.


“Gift of Life”

Gift of Life: Financial supporting the operations of the missions of Gift of Life, a program that provides open heart surgeries to underprivileged children from Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Palestine.

In addition to the above mentioned, KHMC always provides discounts on the bills for people with financial need.