Continuous Quality Improvements

Continuous Quality Improvements 2017-06-13T12:12:54+00:00

Leaders in every field constantly strive for improvement, working toward the highest quality possible. In no field can the rewards of this effort be greater than in healthcare.

Improved quality not only can improve the quality of life, it can actually give life, extend life and permit life!

In no other domain can the benefits of quality improvement prove so beneficial and the lack thereof is so costly.

Continuous Quality Improvement department at Al Khalidi Hospital & Medical Center (KHMC) is highly focused on sparing no effort, at all levels, to provide all patients and customers with the safest and best health care services, and doing things right from the first time – in addition to applying ongoing improvement measures.

What do we do in CQI department?

  1. Coordinate the performance improvements activities, strategies and projects in the hospital.
  2. Establish and implement Quality Management functions, including:
  • Incident reporting

  • Patient satisfaction surveys

  • Patient complaints

  • Quality management education and training on various topics through different strategies to all hospital staff

  • Coordinate policies and procedures with various departments

  • Follow-up rounds and monitoring on various areas and departments

  • Quality improvement indicators